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SkyLimit joins BRANCH International

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SkyLimit joins BRANCH International, to develop global markets

Skylimit provides an outsourced sales and marketing service for Israeli companies wishing to enter export markets, including market research in the target country, sourcing of distributors, and the provision of a cost effective field sales force.

Skylimit works together with Branch members in over 22 countries to provide a fully outsourced sales and marketing service, and also by direct contact with potential importer/distributors in the target market.

Skylimit has recently been appointed as the Israeli representative for Branch, an international business development network, whose headquarters are in Oslo, Norway. Branch has over 22 member companies, mainly situated in Europe, but also extending to the USA, Canada, India and a number of other countries.

The advantage of the Branch network is a professional business presence spread over many countries, with a well trained workforce that acts according to standard procedures, and centralized policy decisions.

All the Branch members have a deep understanding of the target market that they operate in, which allows them to easily  overcome cultural and language barriers that face foreign companies wishing to enter world markets.

Each week Branch members are required to evaluate business opportunities they receive from other members of the network. Since Branch is a closed business entity, which requires mutual reciprocity, the prospective exporter can receive, in a relatively short time, a simultaneous feasibility report for his product from a number of target markets. After this initial report, the exporter can then decide whether to continue the process, and in which format.

Once a year all the Branch members convene at the Oslo headquarters, and conduct direct meetings with industrial companies, usually from the technological sector. At this meeting new products are showcased, with the intention of signing new business and marketing agreements with Branch members.

By direct contact with the Israeli chapter of Branch, local companies can conduct feasibility studies for business development, and simultaneously can evaluate business opportunities in many target markets. These activities are conducted in real time, in a professional manner, without the need for business trips to multiple locations.

Further information relating to the services of Skylimit can be found on the company website.