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SKYLIMIT Strategic Marketing Solutions- K2 2008 reports

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SKYLIMIT Strategic Marketing Solutions-  K2 2008 reports.

Hulda transformers, one of Israel's leading power supply manufacturers, has a number of product ranges that provide solutions for a wide range of  companies in the medical, printing, cable TV and Hi tech segments.
Skylimit was asked by the company to carry out a feasibility and market study for their products in the German and UK

After consultations, a 10 week timetable was set to establish whether transformer and/or finished product manufacturers in the target markets, would be interested in outsourced production by Hulda transformers, taking into account the favorable cost factors and high engineering skills.

Preparations for the project included an intensive study of the company products, with emphasis on strengths and unique advantages. This information was essential in order to source potential partners and to present the added value to be gained by outsourced production of their components and finished assemblies.

The study results showed conclusively that a strong trend for outsourced production exists in both markets, and consequently meetings were set up with companies that expressed definite interest in business cooperation.

In addition to the above study, Skylimit was asked to assist Hulda transformers in the preparations for the Anga Cable exhibition that took place in Germany in April 2008.The exhibition showcased companies that provide power supply solutions to the cable and TV industries.

Hulda transformers exhibited a number of company products and in particular an exciting eco friendly power backup system, DPS, which was jointly developed with  Safecom Inc, a well known Israeli company.

Skylimit created an animated digital presentation during the 5 weeks prior to the exhibition, which emphasized the unique solution of power backup for cable TV supply, and its efficient and cost effective advantages. This was presented to exhibition visitors on a wide screen, and in one on one meetings with interested parties.